Rico Recklezz and Waka Flocka Face-timing Trying To Get Out The Country!! — If you don’t have a passport let me know it’s not easy to get a passport now at the September 11th. Before September 11th it was a lot more easy to get a passport. We used to go to Canada all the time from Detroit and we didn’t even need a passport. Even from Seattle or New York you can get the Canada very easy without a passport. But now they doing a whole lot of background checks in order for you to get a passport to leave the country. it’s so fortunate we live in a society where we have to go through these measures just to get a passport to travel around the world. Think about it why do you need permission to leave your own country. I guess it is how it is. I can understand having proper paperwork to enter into another country but you shouldn’t need a passport to leave your country.