Keith Sweat at Flamingo Las Vegas!! — Legendary recording artist Keith Sweat starts his second act of his career here in Vegas! First and foremost Keith Sweat is a icon and not only R&B music but it music period.


His catalog goes back probably nearly 30 years. To be honest with you Keith Sweat is probably the reason some of you youngsters are here right now because of the music he put out in the eighties and nineties. Keith Sweat is great for Las Vegas and brings a subtle atmosphere to the flamingo plus it brings culture to the flamingo.


Don’t get me wrong Donny and Marie are cool but Donnie and Marie is not Keith Sweat.


The last time I went to R&B concert it was Dru Hill, 112, Guy at the Orleans Casino and it was off the chain. So if Keith Sweat concert going to be anything like the Dru Hill and 112 concert it’s going to be all the way turned up what a lot of women there.


Guys don’t hate on going to R&B concert because it be a lot of beautiful women there.