SHOTS FIRED!!!! Daz Dillinger SLAMS Funk Flex!! Calling Him a Snitch!! SNITCH MASTER FLEX!! — As you can see this Funk Flex beef with Tupac is not going away anytime soon and everybody that was close to 2 Pac is reacting to this particular beef that Funkmaster Flex brought up 20 years later again.

Just recently posted Spice 1 slams flex and also Trench from Naughty by Nature diss Funk Master Flex. Now we have Daz Dillinger the cousin of Snoop Dogg dissing funk Master Flex. What is wrong with Flex? we do understand how much he loved the Notorious BIG but he needs to understand that this is over with this is done and it’s not healthy future. The radio station Hot 97 New York is losing to Power 105? We don’t know exactly what’s going on.