Keshia Knight Pulliam Wants Child Support Pulled From Ed Hartwell’s Pension? — We told you in March that Ed Hartwell, after initially being skeptical about the paternity of Keshia Knight Pulliam’s daughter, all of a sudden sought joint custody of Ella Grace. With joint custody comes sharing the cost of raising a child. But Pulliam, 38, says that her estranged husband is already missing child support payments, and she’s not having it.

Keshia Knight-Pulliam

According to TMZ, Pulliam is requesting that Hartwell, 39, have the late child support payments and future ones pulled from the former NFL player’s league pension. She’s filed paperwork in the couple’s divorce proceedings seeking that his retirement/disability package supply the funds. He reportedly hasn’t paid for May and she’s “demanding the judge lock up Ed until he’s square on child support.”

Per TMZ’s report, Pulliam and Hartwell have also been having issues with an agreement on the actress and businesswoman taking the five-month-old with her outside of the country. She said that he won’t sign paperwork allowing her to take their daughter with her while she travels for work.

As far as the child support struggles, that shouldn’t be a big surprise. If you’ll recall, even after Hartwell received confirmation that he was indeed the father of Ella Grace, he waited to submit payments. While Pulliam claimed that she needed emergency financial support to help cover costs following the child’s birth, Hartwell didn’t believe her. His stance was that she still makes a pretty penny, he needed to spend money getting a nursery set up in his own home, and he also wanted to have a judge assess his financial situation to determine how much he needed to give her before paying up. With all that being said, the drama continues.