The newest addition to the Y.B.M.G. powerhouse is “Beats Hub”,ran by Omar “Trilla” Richardson, the CEO of Yeah Boi Music Group. A new jersey native that has been working with music since 1999. “Time waits for no one and our time is coming!”. The love of producing music comes from humble beginnings. School lunch and classroom tables became the beat machine, in Trilla’s eyes producing a song is like cooking food, you have to make sure it’s tasteful, and all the ingredients you can individually taste, bringing the soul of the music to life. Now if you know anything about fine dinning, you will also have to plate your food too, meaning polish up your song when done. So stop by and inbox about what production that you are wanting to get. Yeah Boi Music Group brings to you “Beats Hub” where the love of music lives.

Yeah Boi Music Group, LLC. (YBMG) is an independent record label that originated in Camp Humphreys, South Korea among service members. Initially, the music that was put together was simply for the love of music. As their following grew and the demand for their music increased they realized their talent and decided to take their music to the next level for their fans. This label has the recipe for success.

Beginning with eight service members and a few civilians, the artist roster was a large one. As time passed and duty stations changed, people were replaced or went on their own paths leaving authentic lyricist J – Dox and his counterpart, the inventive Je Hall, a lyrical duo who together form the group SoJu. These guys are driven and focused and destined for succeeds.

Solo artists consist of the conscious lyricist Toki Tokabona, soulful lyricist Gutta and his artist Young Piff. The smooth, trendsetter Taylor (formerly a member of the group NuEra) has joined the team providing a unique approach to hip-hop. We round our sound with punch-line “afficionado” Nudoh and his east coast swag, and artist Curtesy whose radio-ready tracks make you want to dance. Mr. Man aka Man Child, is ready to rock with the big stage and get his love of music out so you can hear his story.

This movement is trendsetting and kicking down doors. CEO- Omar “Trilla” Richardson, and CFO/President- Rita Richardson enjoy featuring on their artists tracks from time to time. The promotion and artist development efforts of Rich Smith of the northern division and Travis Samuels of the southern division ,out of north carolina Cheran “Sha Money” Handberry, club and music promoter is clearly paying off. Operations and marketing is headed by COO- Deborah Taylor and CCO- Maurice “Nudoh” Catley, who inspire ideas and create travel ways. YBMG heads a strong music movement. In an effort to bring back good music and avoid the game of monopoly the entertainment business has become we bring you Yeah Boi Music Group…IT’S WHO WE ARE.

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